Breathe Bengaluru and an Awesome Air Quality Event in Bangalore in a Few Days!

This past May, we were lucky enough to visit Sensing Local and participate in an open house. We also got to learn about a really cool, innovative initiative project called Breathe Bengaluru.

A slide from a presenation on Breathe Bengaluru at a recent open house.

Breathe Bengaluru is a joint collaboration between Sensing Local and Sensors Without Borders that is mapping air quality to understand its impact on residents at a local level in Bangalore. One of the incredible aspects of the project is that they’ve been able to do this work through volunteer efforts by students at Christ University, who conducted 227 perception surveys.

You can read more about Breathe Bengaluru here, in a recent article from Citizen Matters. If you’d like to learn more about this project, contact Sensing Local at: sensinglocal <at> gmail <dot> com and Sensors without Borders: adithya <at> sensorswithoutborders <dot> org.

It looks like an awesome line up with representation from several sectors, including the incredible Pallavi Pant!

Learn more about air quality events hosted by Sensing Local on their twitter feed.

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