Delhi OpenAQ Workshop: Info, Materials, Results, Press and Data Use Cases

2 min readNov 21, 2016

The Delhi OpenAQ Workshop took place 25 and 26 November in Delhi, India! Find tweets and pictures about it on twitter at: #DelhiOpenAQ


Results so far:

Participants using OpenAQ-aggregated data:

  • Hawa Badlo, an air quality awareness campaign in India, began using data accessed from our platform to reach out to their network of more than 14 million people.
  • Airveda, a low-cost sensor company, accesses data aggregated to our platform to calibrate their sensors.
  • Smokey, the Air Quality Chat Bot lets a user interact with air quality data from around the world and is powered by the OpenAQ platform.

We’ll be posting key outcomes from the workshop in the next couple of weeks. Check back for updates on presentation materials and outcomes!

Delhi OpenAQ Group Photo. An intrepid crew, working on fighting air inequality through journalism, social entrepreneurship, education, science, and public awareness. A good looking bunch, too.




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