Do you want to track specific locations on OpenAQ? We’ve got the tool for you!

2 min readFeb 26, 2024

OpenAQ Explorer has a new look and lots of new features.

We are especially excited to share our new “custom lists” feature, which allows users to create and curate their own custom lists of air quality monitoring locations — all through the power of open data.

Custom lists allows users to search and save their favorite locations in grouped lists, supporting such use cases as managing a project fleet of deployed monitoring locations, or discovering and tracking the monitoring locations of multiple data providers.

Whether you are a community advocate, researcher, public official, or other interested person, you can now track and monitor specific subsets of open data on OpenAQ without having to develop and manage your own application.

The OpenAQ Explorer redesign also provides a more streamlined approach for navigating the air quality monitoring locations available on OpenAQ, as well as new features that allow easier data downloading, visualization and sharing of locations.

To learn more about the custom lists feature and other OpenAQ Explorer features, register for our #OpenDataDay live training on March 4 at:

View the full-screen walkthrough here:

P.S. To ask questions and swap information with fellow OpenAQ users, we invite you to join the OpenAQ Slack channel.




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