Introducing OpenAQ Explorer

2 min readJan 25, 2023

Use our new interactive web app to browse data on the OpenAQ platform and check out our new website!

OpenAQ is excited to announce the beta launch of our new OpenAQ Explorer web application, along with the launch of our redesigned website. This complete redesign of our web platforms adds new functionality for users of the platform and refreshes the entire look and feel of our website.

OpenAQ Explorer

The OpenAQ Explorer web application introduces a new interactive way to browse data on the OpenAQ platform. Browse the world map across 40,000+ monitoring locations and find air quality data near you. Our new platform provides fine-grained filtering of monitoring locations, including by data provider, monitor type and pollutants measured.

Our new location detail dashboard allows you to visualize recent measurements and view hourly, daily and seasonal patterns of measurements for all monitoring locations in the OpenAQ database. You can download measurements by location into a convenient csv (comma separated values) file.

The OpenAQ Explorer increases access to air quality data to a wider variety of users. Our aim is to ensure that access to the platform is intuitive and easy for seasoned data users and new air quality data users alike.

Check out the OpenAQ Explorer web application now at

OpenAQ website

The OpenAQ website has been redesigned with a new look. Visit the updated site to learn about the OpenAQ team, recent use cases of the OpenAQ platform, and more, including information on how to develop atop the OpenAQ platform and API.

Visit our website at




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