Announcing the Launch of our Low-Cost Sensor Pilot!

OpenAQ Map with Reference-Grade and Low-Cost Sensor Data

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New Features!

  • Now includes low-cost sensor, mobile, and data for extra parameters
  • Explore data through the new Dashboard view on the site
  • Access the full archive of data through the website and API

Adding low-cost sensor data to the platform

Our Pilot

What’s Next?

  • Continuing to engage in multi-stakeholder collaborations such as the Clean Air Catalyst) that will enable us to ingest and harmonize new varied data sources globally
  • Looking at new opportunities and partners to expand the LCS data available on our platform. If you would be interested in working with us to continue to bring new sources of data to our platform (of any kind), please reach out to Jeremy Taub at
  • Continue to learn from this pilot and get user feedback on the platform, various use cases, and new potential data and tools. When you use our data, we hope that you will reach out and share our feedback (via this survey)

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