OpenAQ announces data sharing partnership with Senstate in Bulgaria!

February 9, 2022

OpenAQ is excited to announce a data-sharing partnership with Senstate, an air quality sensor company based in Bulgaria. Senstate’s mission is to design and build modern environmental monitoring solutions to empower cities, governments and societies to take effective data-driven decisions towards climate neutrality and restore the balance of human and nature. As a result of this partnership, 18 Senstate sensor locations across Bulgaria are now available on the OpenAQ Platform, spanning five municipalities. This year, they’re aiming to build a total of 80 stations in the Bulgaria, as well as expand to other countries across Eastern Europe this year.

Air quality data from Senstate sensors across Bulgaria now available on the OpenAQ Platform

“The motivation behind sharing our data on the OpenAQ platform is to contribute to the broader community with sensor data with the goal to spread knowledge, increase transparency and urge authorities to take more determined actions to tackle air pollution,” expressed Svetoslav Mateev, Founder and CEO of Senstate.

The partnership between OpenAQ and Senstate catalyzes a path forward toward providing more data coverage in regions of the world where there are still large data gaps. The partnership also represents a hopeful movement of committed data providers within the air quality ecosystem — companies that are dedicated to sharing data openly and transparently with the world so that we can collectively put the data into the hands of people and institutions that are advancing the fight for cleaner air. Senstate, joins open air quality data advocates who

share data on the OpenAQ Platform including Clarity, HabitatMap, PurpleAir, Carnegie Mellon University, and Environmental Defense Fund.

“What excites us most about OpenAQ and Senstate’s data sharing partnership is that both organizations share the same vision and motivation for collaboration and contribution with open air quality data that empowers communities, science and governments to fight air pollution and take effective data-driven decisions,” states Svetoslav.

Check out Senstate’s data on the OpenAQ Platform:



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