World Environment Day

Source: Waatavaran
  • While data gaps remain significant, access to data and coordination of using data is a challenge, particularly among communities most affected by air pollution
  • OpenAQ must continue to make space and amplify diversity in the air quality ecosystem, including gender and people of color, as well find ways to engage with both youth and older adults, students and journalists
  • While we have seen an increase in and use of number of tools available on the platform, there is greater opportunity for use of these tools, and also for the development of new tools that will help to make the air quality data we host more accessible
  • Platform requests
  • Tools for understandings and using data including: data quality, calibration and metadata
  • Opportunities for being able to see different types of data and new visualizations (e.g. meteorological and other geospatial data)
  • More hyperlocal data and additional scale of data
  • to drive well-coordinated and effective partnerships, data usage and action among a wide and growing coalition of local and global actors. These actors include: governments, civil society, the private sector, academia, media and the often marginalized communities and individuals most affected by air pollution.



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